James Smith

What is WeGot.tv?

I’ve been working on a web app in my spare time for a while called wegot.tv, which is intended to help people track their TV viewing online. I recently joined the team at Heyzap and my focus has shifted away from wegot.tv, so I’m looking for someone to pick up the reigns and take it forward!

You can see the current state of the the site at http://beta.wegot.tv

Here’s my user profile, with the TV shows I like and which episodes I’ve recently watched: http://beta.wegot.tv/users/loopj


The Grand Vision ;)

I designed wegot.tv for people who want to get more out of their tv viewing experience. I typically watch TV that’s streamed, downloaded or purchased rather than broadcast, and tracking which episode of my shows I last watched was becoming difficult and annoying, so that’s how wegot.tv started. You can select a bunch of your favourite shows, add them to your profile, and then mark each episode as watched as you viewed them. I also wanted to know when the next episode of my favourite shows would be available to download, so I built in a customised TV schedule.

My plan was to use the collected data about viewing preferences to recommend new tv shows to users, provide streamed episodes of their favourite shows right in the site (from hulu, bbc iplayer, etc) and to provide links to iTunes, Amazon etc to purchase episodes.

There are tons of possibilities and opportunities in this space, and given more time I would have loved to build them all!

How Can You Help?

I’m looking for someone who has a similar vision, and a passion for TV, who would love to take this project on and grow it. If you want to make this into a business that would be awesome, but even as a hobby it would be great to see something I started blossom into a popular site. I’m sure there’s at least one person out there apart from me who would find this useful!

I’d transfer ownership of the project (code, domains, art etc).

Tech Details

I built the site using the django framework, TV show data is fetched (with permission) from a great site called TheTVDB, I’m using a MySQL database, and various python scripts for scraping and data collection. I own wegot.tv and wegottv.com. All of the project code is in a subversion repository.

I’m Interested, What Now?

I really want to find someone who will take this project somewhere, as it would be a shame to see this work and idea go to waste. If you think this is you, get in touch.

Hit the comments below and tell me a little about yourself and your vision for the site if you were to take it over, leave a way to contact you and I’ll be in touch!

Alternatively, send an email to wegottv at loopj.com.

About the Author

James Smith, British entrepreneur and developer based in San Francisco.

I'm the co-founder of Bugsnag with Simon Maynard, and from 2009 to 2012 I led up the product team as CTO of Heyzap.