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rts_remote Struct Reference

Simulates a physical RTS remote control. More...

#include <rts_remote.h>

Inherited by RTSRemote.

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void rts_remote_init (struct rts_remote *remote, struct rts_pulse_output *pulse_output, struct rts_remote_store *remote_store, struct rts_timings *timings)
 Initialize the rts_remote struct.
void rts_remote_send_command (struct rts_remote *remote, uint32_t address, enum rts_command command, bool repeated)
 Send a "button press" command.
void rts_remote_send_frame (struct rts_remote *remote, struct rts_frame *frame, bool repeated)
 Send an RTS frame.
void rts_remote_send_pulse (struct rts_remote *remote, bool state, uint32_t micros)
 Send a single pulse to the internal rts_pulse_output.

Detailed Description

Simulates a physical RTS remote control.

It takes RTS commands (button presses), converts them into a series of pulses, then outputs those pulses to a rts_pulse_output (eg. a GPIO or radio).

Remote rolling codes can be persisted by providing a rts_remote_store backend (eg. ESP32's non-volatile storage, or Arduino's EEPROM).

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